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About us

Somerset Educational was founded in 1993 and is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Science Laboratory Equipment, Resources and Chemicals to South African educational institutions (for eg. Universities, FET Colleges, NGO’s, Science Centres etc.) and International educational institutions. The founding purpose was to concentrate on the lack of practical work that was being done in science at school level. Somerset develops, manufactures and distributes its own proprietary and imported ranges of Mathematics, Science and Technology resources in South Africa and internationally. The traditional range of products caters for both the teacher demonstration as well as a learner centred approach to teaching and learning for the Foundation, GET and FET phases. Core products are designed to enhance learning of Mathematics, Science and Technology, covering the:

  • Foundation Phase – Mathematics, Numeracy, Literacy and Life Skills
  • GET Phase – Natural Science & Technology – Intermediate and Senior Phase
  • FET Phase – Physical Sciences and Life Sciences


Somerset is renowned for its innovative and creative educational solutions in supporting learning through a practical and hands-on approach.

Our mission is to become the preferred and trusted choice for science educational resources, through our continued innovative and creative approach to providing qualitive solutions in supporting the learning of science through hands-on applications.

We aim to support this by continuing to foster and build lasting relationships with our clients, in offering qualitive and cost effective product solutions and services in an efficient manner. Our offering extends to over 5000 product lines, many of which are unique and proprietary to us.

SOMERSET’S UNIQUE MST SOLUTIONS - “Learning Science is doing Science”

Somerset has developed and manufactures and distributes a range of MST manipulatives for Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Physical Science, Life Sciences and Technology.

Somerset Educational is experienced in the marketing and distribution of these product solutions and provides specialist support services to programmes that are implemented. The system consists of traditional laboratory equipment (for eg. Glassware – beakers, test tubes, trolley tracks etc.)

Research in South Africa has shown that learners are not adequately exposed to practical work as a result of:

  • The lack of science laboratory facilities
  • The lack of equipment and consumables
  • Safety problems related to practical science work
  • Under-qualified / unqualified educators who lack the competence and confidence to facilitate practical work in the classroom

In response to the above we focus on:

Programmes that are supported by:

  • Educators’ demonstrational equipment and apparatus – traditional apparatus.
  • Learners’ kits that encourage activities for an individual and small groups.
  • Written materials that support both educators and learners. The activities are related directly to the CAPS document.
  • Preparation of all materials that the educator may require in the classroom to enable the activities to be performed e.g. additional classroom resources and pre-prepared chemicals.
  • Educator and Subject Advisor training that support content and methodology. Training can also be provided that enables exam preparation.
  • Assisting in the design of laboratories.
  • Setting up of laboratories with equipment supplied.
  • School support visits – content based, stock control etc.


Somerset offers resource solutions from complete laboratories, to curriculum designed packages in kit format to tailored solutions according to the various budgetary requirements of educational institutions (for eg. Public and Private Schools, Universities, FET Colleges, NGO’s, Science Centres etc.).

Complete Laboratory

  • Provide equipment to equip a full laboratory (both microscience and traditional laboratory equipment for eg. Glassware – beakers, test tubes, trolley tracks etc.
  • Assist with the design of the laboratory.
  • Assist with the setting up of the Laboratory.
  • Supply methods and stationery for stock control.

Packages in Kit format

The packages comprise of:

  • Learner’s Kit
  • Teacher’s Resource Kit
  • Chemical Kit
  • Learner’s Manuals
  • Teacher’s Manuals
  • Mobile Storage Unit
The kits have been designed in accordance with the requirements as stipulated in the CAPS curriculum document. The learner’s kit, resource kit and chemical kit permit learner’s to achieve and gain the relevant knowledge and practical skills through various classroom management plans, individual work, team work , educator demonstrations, problem solving, organizing and managing information effectively, analyzing information, communicating effectively, demonstrating an understanding of the world, explaining a variety of learning strategies, participating as responsible citizens, being culturally sensitive, explaining education and career opportunities.

Product Range

  • Mathematics (Numeracy)
  • Microscience Equipment (UNESCO & Radmaste)
  • Traditional (Macro) Science Laboratory Equipment (Local and International)

CSI Projects

Somerset is geared to support businesses in Corporate Social Investment Projects with quality and cost effective educational solutions for meaningful outcomes and returns on investment.

Contact Info

Address: Charles Str, Somerset East, R.S.A.
Phone number: +27 (0)42 243 2030
Fax number: +27 (0)42 243 2746
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Open hours: Monday - Friday: 8 am - 5 pm

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